Sunday, July 31, 2011

New prostitutes hit everett wa

Walking down evergreen way today , I noticed some new asses. Last week there were two black girls walking evergreen way. It was hard to miss the fact that they were working because their pimp was yelling warnings that the police were up the road.
So today I was walking to the local Denny's and two new asses were perched at the light, presssing the button to cross the light, then turning around and walking back the direction they were coming from.
I dropped my girlfriend off at the nail salon to get her nails done, and headed to Denny's, for the normal Sunday lunch. After two episodes of south park I went outside for a smoke and some peace and quiet.
That ass strolled by again. Some of the guys were making comments to her about californian hookers coming up here by the van full. I honestly only witnessed two new faces.
I just thought it would be fun to let every one know that there are hookers near casino road again. There are two slim black girls, a white girl with short blonde hair and a bubble butt, and an asian looking girl.

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  1. Thanks for posting this. It is good to know what is going on in your own community. They used to be over there by Home Depot on the 99 but I think that Honey's being demolished pushed them somewhere else.

  2. Nigga I've been strolling a casino all night. No fucking luck! Have seen a single bitch In sight! Whats a John to do?

  3. Watch Evergreen from the Denny's parking lot! lol



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