Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snohomish County Jail inmate, age 27, dies after head injury.

Snohomish County Jail inmate, age 27, dies after head injury.
Some questions stand as to the handling, of the medical attention and treatment of kin.

Lindsey Lason was no longer being held when her cousin came into the jail visiting area to inquire of Lindsey’s well being. That was all Jail representatives had to offer when asked about Lindsey. After not hearing from Lindsey after a few days, her cousin came into the Snohomish County Jail to inquire. Instead of being met by a grief counselor, or a superior jail official, she was greeted with threats of her own arrest and detention.

The Herald had announced the investigation into the death of a 27 year old female. The name was with held, most likely pending the contact of the next of kin. However the Snohomish county jail had no problems de-humanizing the person by announcing that the inmate was being held for prostitution and possession of a controlled substance.  It was not until three days later that jail officials had released Lindsey’s name, her charges, and that the cause of death was still being investigated.

Prior to the release of her name the story among the people that knew Lindsey seemed  full of unknowns, and pointed to sheer neglect on the county’s part. The story claims that she had fell out of bed while sleeping on the top bunk. Lindsey had suffered a head injury. I am also being told that she had a history of seizures. The initial story claimed no knowledge of her receiving medical attention. The cell mate of Lindsey had claimed that Lindsey complained of serious head pain, but was told to sleep it off. Over the years of raising four children, riding motorbikes, horses and just plain being a boy, even I know that anyone suffering a head injury is at risk of a concussion. I even know that a person suffering a head injury should be observed and kept awake for a minimum of two hours. Symptoms such as nausea and vomiting are serious signs of a life threatening concussion that require an immediate trip to the emergency room. Regardless of request for medical attention the woman was found dead as she had died an un-timely death before morning.

(New Details)After a week the Herald still reported that Lindsey’s death was under investigation and now the story includes a trip to the jail’s medical wing. Lindsey was moved to the triage floor of the facility.

This is where I become opinionated.

The behavior of the Snohomish County jail seems guilty.
Just as a shoplifter justifies stealing from a big store, the county had justified the inmates death by pointing out the charges.

 Just as a criminal reserves the right to remain silent, so too did the County jail reserve their right to minimize any and all details.

 Just as a criminal threatens to bully a store employee when asked about the items they stole; Snohomish County offered Lindsey’s cousin a criminal charge and a trip to jail herself, instead of asking her to wait while they retrieved a superior officer, or even a grief counselor to ease the pain.

There is no doubt in my mind Snohomish county is guilty of neglect at the very least. I am fully aware that jail is jail, and it does not require that a person’s stay is pleasant. I also know that no matter how many times a woman rents herself ,or uses a controlled substance, it does not constitute the death penalty. Lindsey was given a punishment that fit within guidelines set forth by the people of Washington State. The mind set that allows us to de-humanize a prostitute, or drug addict has allowed the employees of Snohomish County to deny a person. A person incarcerated or not, deserves the right to live and the right to die with dignity. The crimes that Lindsey had been charged with are the type of which a person can right. Lindsey could have served her time and evolved to be a person of righteousness. We will never know. If the investigation does show a fault in the actions of the jail, it would also be safe to say that Lindsey had suffered a cruel and unusual punishment. Her nine year old son will never see any change in his mother. Never know if her prayers would be answered. No longer can we call it a correctional facility if in fact they are no longer correcting, but instead erasing.  Maybe the logo should now say Snohomish County Erasing instead of Snohomish County Corrections.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Jeremy Mayfield can't stop going fast! From nascar to nose candy, fast as fast can be, the police just caught me!

In 2009 eternally banned Nascar driver , Jeremy Mayfield, tested positive for drug use. Most recently he was arrested for possessing 1.5 grams of methanphetamine, and having thousands of dollars of stolen goods on his property.

Often times goods are traded off for drugs at a fraction of their value. A "tweaker" needs a fix and can't seem to get up for work two weeks a month. It end up being a common practice for people to get close to their dealers house and start kicking in shed doors. Not wanting to carry stolen goods too far, or pawn them in the event they become reported stolen, they sell them directly to the guy with the dope.

The other theory I have, with Jeremy Mayfield is slightly different. Jeremy's fifteen minutes of fame gained him a large circle of close friends. His racing career even made the man some money that with propper investment could have lasted a lifetime. I find it hard to believe that 1.5 grams would make Jeremy a big time dealer. The total quantity selling at a hundred and fifty dollars to seven people is not really the type of dealing that would make him tons of money.

However, birds of a feather flock together. Jeremy uses dope, has some disposable income, and a use for tools. His fan based groupies that know him are bound to try to trade him dope or cash for stolen tools.

When you learn about the instinct driven habits of an addict, it is easy to believe they are selling their entire life to buy their drugs. When your life long friend comes to you with their sob story about diapers, milk, or rent; You believe that buying an old welder they had laying around might help them out.  Had you of grown up with your addict friend, it becomes hard to watch them sell their entire lively-hood to people that won't let them use it again.  That's where a life long friend can cost you your repore.

People like Jeremy are the ones that buy the tools to give their friend the money they claim to need. There is no serial number data base of stolen goods. No way to know if the welder came off the neighbors truck. I am going to host a serial number database. Starting tomorrow if you want to report something stolen, private buyers can search my blog for serial numbers before they buy. In the event something is stolen from you, simply post a comment with a description of the item, the serial number, and any potential reward. I will post it, and make the contents searchable for everyone.

There is a good possibility Jeremy Mayfield was aware of the stolen goods on his property. There is am even better possibility that he has a life long friend staying on his property that is selling dope, trading goods, and living on the kindness of Jeremy's guilt.

I can imagine that as Jeremy Mayfield became a famous Nascar driver, a few friends  were brought on the road with him. Jeremy's fame, and newly created job market for his friends became highly depended on. Certainly when Jeremy's drug use cost him his  career, several of his closest friends were let go as well. The guilt of costing people the jobs they depend on will often lead to allowing them to abuse one's kindness.

Obviously the drug test in 2009 proves that Jeremy Mayfield had used controlled substances in the past. One might even say that would be enough to lead another to believe; Jeremy disregards the law enough to receive, fence, or sell stolen property. I do have to say; A true addict seldom loses their dope. I also must point out that I have seen it done.

So is the tittle true?  Is it safe to sau that Jeremy Mayfield can not stop going fast? Anyone that reads my stuff should know that I honestly do not care. I believe that an addict should be allowed to use what they want. I do not however believe in stealing peoples things, or supporting people that do.

********* serial number posting ********** I will be creating a serial number posting blog as soon as I post this article. I will post the address as a comment to this post, and keep it so that all people can post to it!*******

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

My take on America's growing opiate addiction problem! Heroin, Methadone, and pain pills!

I have lived here in the Everett region for over 16 years. I previously lived in Waco, Texas, Jacksonville, Texas, and Syracuse , New York. There are drugs from coast to coast in the United States, and in every state there is a different way of dealing with the problems in the regions. I , of coarse , have a completely different idea of what should be done . I hope to gain support, for my ideas, with this blog.

In every state across the country heroin is illegal. Certainly a drug that powerful and addictive has its drawbacks. There was a time in history when the addicts that were hooked on heroin , came to be addicts by using the drug illicitly. Heroin is a popular choice among people that have damaged themselves.

A much newer method that guides our addicts to the use of heroin would almost seem innocent. Many of today's pain killers are derived from the opium plant, just as heroin is.Vicodin, Percocet, and Oxycontin are three very fine examples of often prescribed opiates that have similar effects of heroin when used excessively. I have to admit that doctors are slowing the offerings made to patients, albeit about a decade or two too late. The effects of over prescribing these drugs has made its mark on society.

A serious injury can lead to a person having to leave the workforce for some seriously extended periods of time. Although the pain tends to come and go along side the amount of exertion expelled by an individual; A doctor is likely to write a prescription for 30 to 60 Vicodin a month, needed or not. A patient is already suffering from time lost at work and workman's compensation often leaves a guy trying to make money in other places. Often times a missed doctor's appointment could lead to the freezing of benefits for a period of time, and a patient ends up selling the prescription at $1.00 per milligram on the street.

Vicodin is typically not the worst subject to deal with while Oxycontin ends up being prescribed to cancer patients due to the extreme pain that they face. Typically I have seen a vast array of said patients that prefer not to take the pain killer due to nausea or another serious dislike of the side effects. These patients often find that a small amount of Marijuana better suits their needs. It is only a matter of time before theses patients learn that the 21 pills they got for the week hold a street value of near $1600.00 and it becomes a no brain-er for them to sell them to people they know willing to move them.

Methadone clinics were a system designed in the 70s to help heroin addicts kick heroin. I am rather amazed at what people will do to get a needle full of heroin in order to postpone their withdrawal symptoms. Heroin is an anxiety maker . The symptoms of withdrawal nearly insane. From what I understand, there is not a realistic expectation of death due to withdrawal alone. In fact moth opiate based deaths come from overdose, or a cocktail such as heroin and benzodizepine. Heroin has an effect of not allowing people to sleep well, and they tend to try and benzo themselves to sleep. An overdose of heroin often hitting an addict comes from purchasing a depleted quality of a street cut heroin and believing that is what they are always going to get. Consistently trying to bring their "high" to the same level as always, they inject what they believe is the needed amount. With their being no standard or precise way of knowing how much of their product is real, or cut eventually they get a batch of some "pure" heroin and inject an amount that usually worked because it was diluted. The unadulterated batch then being entirely too much, sending them directly to overdose. The belief of the rehabilitation world being the clinically provided methadone could be consistent, controlled, and managed. This would allow for a stabilization of the addict, and then a process of rehabilitation could be approached.

I never knew a methadone clinic existed until the 34th year of my life. I guess one might say I lacked a little common knowledge in the world, and that might be exactly why I write these articles. Maybe even why I show my children every needle I find, every addict I suspect. I do not do it to be little the town, or the person. I do it to save my children the hardships I have endured, if possible. I also do it in an attempt to prevent any disease that might be spread by a contaminated needle stick.

Methadone clinics do have their place. They charge their customers about $450.00 a month to keep a consistent flow of drugs in the body of the addict. They also prevent the addict from stealing on the streets in order to pay for the rising cost of Oxycontin and like substances. The system had a righteous plan, but I can think of at least two of them here in the Everett, Washington area that do not see the value in slowing the consumption by the user. Upon intake at the facility the intake doctor will ask you leading questions. With enough intellect you can figure out what answers you need to have in order to become eligible for the program. The actual use of a methadone clinic is considered medical treatment, therefore the program can be picked up by state medical. This means Fathers and Mothers that would be forced into a treatment program for using Heroin or Vicodin can enroll in this program and be allowed a fix every morning for a year. Initially that sounds all well and good. Shortly after arriving and beginning your treatment, the Councillor will explain to you that the state requires they are removed from the program within six months, and then explain the loopholes that allow them the rest of their natural born life on the system. The rehabilitation program has now became a maintenance program.

Then there is the amount of dosage they allow. In your initial visit they will allow you 35 mg of Methadose. At 130 lbs a friend of mine was able to get up to 85 mg, and their significant other was able to receive 100 mg .Methadose is a liquid form that is potentially safer for the client. The clinic will claim that it will stay steadily constant in your system, although it tends to make most of the people nod off and seem delirious, in the early morning after dosing. The Methadose does have some serious negative side effects that include liver damage and something to do with the bones of the patient. Then there are the even furthering dependency factors. It is very hard for a mother to get a job that might risk her losing her medical coverage if she feels she might get removed from the clinic. The patient will literally fear the loss of ability to dose. The withdrawals from Methadose are painful enough that prisoners of the Snohomish County Jail are able to dose within the facility, even though the state medical is to be discontinued upon entering the facility.

Then there are the unfortunate ones that do get cut off in the jail system. I can only compare the instant withdrawals of Methadose to the pain one must endure when being driven over by a truck. Nothing has ever been harder to come off from ever. Oxycontin is rough, and heroin is tough as well. Heroin and opiate derived pain medications have their addictive qualities, and they hurt to come off. The constant diarrhea, the stomach cramps, muscle aches, constantly feeling cold, sweating and over all sense of confusion in the head are all good solid indicators that you are detoxing from a rather serious opiate withdrawal. The symptoms can be expected to carry on for three to seven days , physically and several years mentally. The same side effects can be compiled three fold on the side of the Methadose. Even people I know that have had their doses weened down to 12 mg before dropping off completely, complained for weeks that they just felt like trash, every day.

With the newest pain medications leading people towards the Methadone clinics, I would really like to see the people heading there think twice about going in. The pain endured from the cut off of Methadose will most likely lead to a relapse of your original drug of choice. I believe this is only because doing so will be the only relief you might find , from the even more intense pain you could have avoided by simply lowering your original consumption to begin with. There is a chance that someone might need the Methadone clinic. In the event that they do, the intention is to prevent detox, not insure a regular high.

Allowing the patient to answer leading questions also leaves room for the patient to continue to abuse the opiate. The decision to cap the rising of the dose is decided by a doctor and a counselor. The decisions that are made are based on their training and the verbal input fed to them by a patient with an addictive personality, and a methadone clinic handbook. Addicts are typically resourceful,assertive, determined, and educated when it comes to meeting their needs. The addict is capable of reading a hand book and deciding what needs will be fulfilled by the clinics staff. Since the pain, cramps, diarrhea and mental state can only be taken by verbal acknowledgement, the addict ends up having a piece of the puzzle in their control. The runny nose, goose bumps, and clammy hands are fairly easy to play off as well.
The ability for a patient to effect the outcome of their dosage cap is really large. It does happen, and it does not help the patient at all.

In the event you have a loved one entering a clinic you should know that the clinic will repeatedly tell them that it is their recovery. Only the patient can decide when they are ready. This is true, however keep in mind, going to the clinic is designed to be the first step in a long list of steps. The steps leave room for error, and are expected to take time. The best thing a patient can do for themselves is apply honesty. Do they really nee 100 mg? Are they asking the doctor to get them through the day, or are they more so looking to be high? The answer can be as simple as paying attention to your body. Daily vomiting shortly after dosing is most likely a sign of overdose. When taken orally the body has a chance to expel the containment that the body has decided to be dangerous. Just as an overly intoxicated drunk might expel the last drink he pounded, an overdose of methadone can provoke the body to "save" itself from further damage by inducing vomiting. Falling asleep in mid conversation, or dream talking in groups would be another sure sign that you are abusing your rehab tools.

When I finally became honest with myself I realized I was going nowhere fast on the wings of some corrupt doctors. The corporation that was keeping me high wanted me to stay high for as many years as they could. I made that company 450.00 a month and in the two hours a day the facility was open I believe they had three hundred clients. $135000 a month was brought in by two mobile classrooms on Indian tribal land. The legalized heroin dealers, justified their profit margins, and shareholders dividends, sold their heroin to the addicts on the street and let the tax payers write the checks. It took me a couple years to write this post, because of my own shame. It only took me three months to see my shame, and pull myself out of that cycle. It took me years to come to terms with it so I could share my story. So if you get a need to use this program, use honesty to join in. In all honesty, I never was eligible for the program, due to the short duration of my street use, but they led the question right, and I was suddenly answering with what they needed for the program instead of what I needed for my rehabilitation.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adding new items and locations of things your children can play with on Everett streets

This is an addition of a previous post
Safeway on 19th Ave se and 112th....Found used needle in parking stall

Park at Everett Clinic side of Silver lake, Watched a gentleman in a BMW shoot heroin in his arm, nod off, ....come to... and shoot up again

The Bluffs in front of building a... found 7 live .22 caliber bullets in parking stall

Everywhere you look the signs are evident. Walgreen's Drug Store, had purchased time release safes, in order to control the loss of opiate based drug thefts. Police presence has always been high in specific areas. One might say that would tell you how good the neighborhood was, or wasn't. What are the best signs to detect trouble in your neighborhood?

You do not always see the addict on the corner, or the dealer in the alley. In the last year; I have been forced to walk a lot of places. During my journeys I have came a cross a good amount of filth on the streets of Everett. From April to July in the area of 19th and 100th street se, the ground is littered with aluminum foil that was used for smoking pills, and baggies from heroin. Have you paid attention to the debris on your streets? If so; How well?

Paraphernalia (tools and equipment used for the purpose of consuming drugs) liters the streets of Everett in a bad way. To the un-exposed eye, it all just looks like lose garbage. but to anyone who has seen it said or done; Can help others see the trouble in the area.

During my walks I have come across:
1. Used foil with pill tracks
2. Burt foil with heroin tracks
3. busted Meth (shard) pipes
4. Crack pipes
5. shopping bags ( typical heroin package)
6. Dope bags with residue
7. actual bag of shard (glass, Meth, crank)
8. actual bag of heroin
9. washed dope baggies ( typical for shooters or IV needle users)
10. Melted cellophane with opiate pills in it
11. spoons with burn on them ( cooking heroin)
12. signs of stolen goods, broken goods, and more)

Everybody will tell you that the Everett, Country club apartments are dirty, or that casino road has had multiple drug related murders. But lets look at the evidence.

No more than a week ago, I had a guy ask me too hook him up with some crack. It wasn't his story, his Volvo, or the car seats that made me answer him like I did. at some point you have to look at your surroundings to know what you are up against.

The Albertson's on 128th offers free samples of aluminum foil. This was brought on by a constant attempt of people helping themselves to the foil on the shelves.

Lets start with the Everett parks. While taking the dog to the park every day, I have been paying attention to the debris.

Grand Avenue Park 1800 Grand avenue
I have found that the Grand avenue park has always been clean and safe for the kids and dog. This is really just a sitting and picnic park, as there are no child based toys

Clark Park 2400 Lombard (24rd - 25th )

This has tennis courts, a gazebo, a large grassy picnic area and a small playground are for the children,

Most of the time the place is very clean. The grassy area has never shown me any signs of drug use, but the church on the north side host AA/NA meetings Every week day at noon, and is very popular

At 2604 Rockefeller Ave there were found 2 hypodermic needles along 26th st.

At 2401 Oakes ave CLARK PARK found 1 hypodermic needle in the spectator dugout.

At 2532 Rucker Ave along 26th st found one broken Meth pipe on sidewalk.

At 1309 Everett Ave just off sidewalk found 1 broken Meth pipe

At 2614 Grand ave in gutter area along curb found 1 loaded Meth pipe

At 2604 Grand ave along 26th st found 0.4 grams of methamphetamine in a baggie

At 2317 Alfy's pizza found hypodermic IV needle in trees north of parking area

At 1715 Broadway Safeway @ bus stop on edge of shrubs found 2 hypodermic IV needles

At 2801 Rucker ave Walt's auto care center , near clothes donation box 1 IV needle

At 2331 Hoyt ave Everett High School found plastic bag melted heroin aprox 1 gram
(and burnt foil)

At 2000-2046 13th st Waits motel found extreme amounts of foil and baggies

At 1205 Broadway back alley of motel extreme amounts of foil and baggies

Observed use of foil smoking in public

26th and Rucker
26th and Colby
Safeway on Broadway
26th and Colby

Offered purchase or sale / Asked to buy or sell

METH @ Wilson's grocery
Weed @ Garfield park
PILLS @ AM/PM 19th Ave se

Sunday, July 31, 2011

New prostitutes hit everett wa

Walking down evergreen way today , I noticed some new asses. Last week there were two black girls walking evergreen way. It was hard to miss the fact that they were working because their pimp was yelling warnings that the police were up the road.
So today I was walking to the local Denny's and two new asses were perched at the light, presssing the button to cross the light, then turning around and walking back the direction they were coming from.
I dropped my girlfriend off at the nail salon to get her nails done, and headed to Denny's, for the normal Sunday lunch. After two episodes of south park I went outside for a smoke and some peace and quiet.
That ass strolled by again. Some of the guys were making comments to her about californian hookers coming up here by the van full. I honestly only witnessed two new faces.
I just thought it would be fun to let every one know that there are hookers near casino road again. There are two slim black girls, a white girl with short blonde hair and a bubble butt, and an asian looking girl.

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Does T-mobile aid thieves for a profit?

Some things you should know about MOTOBLUR and T-Mobile Cellphone service provider.

As you may recall, I recently had my Motorolla Cliq stolen from me while my back was turned. At first, I was rest assured due to the Motoblur system. Within 30 minutes of losing my phone I made an attempt to track my phone using the MOTOBLUR system. I walked over to the public library and instantly asked my friends where I was on Google Latitude. As I used Google latitude to have a few close personal friends keep tabs on me. Somewhat odd I am sure, but as a recovering addict, always helps to be kept in check. I will save that theory for my next blog, as the idea itself is awesome as long as you can trust the people you are sharing the information with.

Instantly, the phone was tracked to the east side of Clark Park. So I did what I could and got there to see nobody. The last time it had been tracked was two hours before. The system does not work once the battery is dead. Sure enough, my battery was dead, and the thief did not have my charger.
T-Mobile and Motoblur are not a theft recovery or detouring factor!
I repeatedly checked the status of the telephone. Where it was and how often it was on and operational. MOTOBLUR was able to give me the serial number of the phone; which proved to be very useful as I scanned craigslist and “pre-viewed “several, for sale by owner MOTOROLLA CLIQ phones. Unfortunately, for the next day or two it was not tracked. Then suddenly at 9:13 pm, it ended up being tracked, one time, on the other end of town. Now a person cannot be completely irrational about accusing everyone on the planet, even if the phone was tracked to an address. The GPS tracking is accurate within 30 feet. An unknown level of accuracy might be very usefull in a suburb; Unfortunatly, an unknown level is not so useful in the inner city. I went right to the address that the phone was tracked to and started asking around. Nobody would admit to it being there, nor would they deny it. For that matter; I could not just call out anyone for the simple fact that I was not completely sure which method was used to track the phone.
The MOTOBLUR uses any one of three methods to track the phone. The best one of coarse is WIFI. I say that because the WIFI router that the phone attached itself to have an actual fixed location that never changes. The next of which is the GPS. Have you ever had your TOM TOM accidently claim you are on a frontage road, instead of a freeway. Lastly would be the cell phone tower triangulation. Using a mathematic equation and the signal strengths of the three nearest towers, the system can decide where the phone is, roughly every three minutes as the system “pings” for the best tower.

That was the last time that I have seen hide or hair of my cell phone, And I have given up on actively tracking it. Before I came to that conclusion I called T-Mobile to ask them about the availability of the cell phone. I came right out and explained the situation to the T-Mobile representative so that I could move on to asking the harder questions. I was instantly offered the cancellation of my sim card. This is the removable billing card that T-mobile uses to program the phone to use their service. I asked the associate if I would be able to MOTOBLUR track the phone if she dis continued the sim card, and she had to transfer me to technical assistance. The tech was as helpful as he could be; but lets face it; MOTOBLUR has absolutely no abilities once the card is removed. I felt my best plan of attack was to leave the card intact, and limit the usage so the thief would not be pushed into changing the card.

So I got down to the nitty gritty of it and MOTOBLUR could not do anything if the card was removed. I called the T-mobile representative and asked them if they would be willing to put my phone serial number on a block list as HOT; thinking if my sim card were bad, someone would have to activate another card. The call handling representative said that there was no such procedure to prevent stolen phones from being re-used as found and usable.

So what I really got; when I was sold on the recovery of my phone idea; was a glimmer of hope that if I lost my phone in my car; It would tell me everywhere I went. I really wished they had filled me in on all of its limitations from the very beginning. Straight forward, to the point would highly appreciated at this point.

My wish for liability- Class action lawsuit. (lol)
Why is it that my personal feeling of the handling of stolen phones by T-Mobile looks like aiding and abetting? I also feel, alternatively, just the fact that T-Mobile activates the stolen property; could be considered receiving stolen property, or fencing of stolen goods. All T-Mobile has to gain is another client AKA The thieves!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stolen cell phone

On 5/4/11 my Motorola Cliq was stolen from Wilson's Deli on Rucker Avenue. One of five people stole the phone, and I have confronted two of them. I used the moto blur service to track the phone and it was tracked to 2025 106th st se, 98208 @ 9:13 pm on 5/4/11. With no avail, I went to the address and nobody confessed to taking the phone. I did not get my phone back yet.

It seems there are many very useless points about this motoblur tracking service that I will be disclosing in about two weeks. I have contacted customer service, and in the end, nothing about the service really does as it exclaims.

T-mobile as a carrier does absolutely nothing as well. They are happy to turn off the sim card for you, but as I will show you shortly; it is a futile effort. I will be continuing to try and track the phone as it is turned on, over the next two week. After two weeks I will explain all of the loopholes in the system to anyone who cares.

I am sure if I were a regular Joe, with a regular job, UI would have already went and bought myself a replacement phone. As the days go by, you will learn I am both far from regular.....

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What do your children come across on your side walks?

Everywhere you look the signs are evident. Walgreen's Drug Store, had purchased time release safes, in order to control the loss of opiate based drug thefts. Police presence has always been high in specific areas. One might say that would tell you how good the neighborhood was, or wasn't. What are the best signs to detect trouble in your neighborhood?

You do not always see the addict on the corner, or the dealer in the alley. In the last year; I have been forced to walk a lot of places. During my journeys I have came a cross a good amount of filth on the streets of Everett. From April to July in the area of 19th and 100th street se, the ground is littered with aluminum foil that was used for smoking pills, and baggies from heroin. Have you paid attention to the debris on your streets? If so; How well?

Paraphernalia (tools and equipment used for the purpose of consuming drugs) liters the streets of Everett in a bad way. To the un-exposed eye, it all just looks like lose garbage. but to anyone who has seen it said or done; Can help others see the trouble in the area.

During my walks I have come across:
1. Used foil with pill tracks
2. Burt foil with heroin tracks
3. busted Meth (shard) pipes
4. Crack pipes
5. shopping bags ( typical heroin package)
6. Dope bags with residue
7. actual bag of shard (glass, Meth, crank)
8. actual bag of heroin
9. washed dope baggies ( typical for shooters or IV needle users)
10. Melted cellophane with opiate pills in it
11. spoons with burn on them ( cooking heroin)
12. signs of stolen goods, broken goods, and more)

Everybody will tell you that the Everett, Country club apartments are dirty, or that casino road has had multiple drug related murders. But lets look at the evidence.

No more than a week ago, I had a guy ask me too hook him up with some crack. It wasn't his story, his Volvo, or the car seats that made me answer him like I did. at some point you have to look at your surroundings to know what you are up against.

The Albertson's on 128th offers free samples of aluminum foil. This was brought on by a constant attempt of people helping themselves to the foil on the shelves.

Lets start with the Everett parks. While taking the dog to the park every day, I have been paying attention to the debris.

Grand Avenue Park 1800 Grand avenue
I have found that the Grand avenue park has always been clean and safe for the kids and dog. This is really just a sitting and picnic park, as there are no child based toys

Clark Park 2400 Lombard (24rd - 25th )

This has tennis courts, a gazebo, a large grassy picnic area and a small playground are for the children,

Most of the time the place is very clean. The grassy area has never shown me any signs of drug use, but the church on the north side host AA/NA meetings Every week day at noon, and is very popular

At 2604 Rockefeller Ave there were found 2 hypodermic needles along 26th st.

At 2401 Oakes ave CLARK PARK found 1 hypodermic needle in the spectator dugout.

At 2532 Rucker Ave along 26th st found one broken Meth pipe on sidewalk.

At 1309 Everett Ave just off sidewalk found 1 broken Meth pipe

At 2614 Grand ave in gutter area along curb found 1 loaded Meth pipe

At 2604 Grand ave along 26th st found 0.4 grams of methamphetamine in a baggie

At 2317 Alfy's pizza found hypodermic IV needle in trees north of parking area

At 1715 Broadway Safeway @ bus stop on edge of shrubs found 2 hypodermic IV needles

At 2801 Rucker ave Walt's auto care center , near clothes donation box 1 IV needle

At 2331 Hoyt ave Everett High School found plastic bag melted heroin aprox 1 gram
(and burnt foil)

At 2000-2046 13th st Waits motel found extreme amounts of foil and baggies

At 1205 Broadway back alley of motel extreme amounts of foil and baggies

Observed use of foil smoking in public

26th and Rucker
26th and Colby
Safeway on Broadway
26th and Colby

Offered purchase or sale / Asked to buy or sell

METH @ Wilson's grocery
Weed @ Garfield park
PILLS @ AM/PM 19th Ave se

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is Julian Assange in-advertantly starting a real global government?

What can you say. The man is on it. The secrecy of world diplomats has been a time honored tradition, around the world. One side of the fence will argue that it is needed. The other side will argue it is wrong. Today's technology has allowed the spread of the leaks to occur faster than the damage control teams can react. It is a sign of the times.

Intelligence leaks have always been an issue between the controllers and the controlled. In the colonial days a thought would be passed by written note over hundreds of miles at a time. The horseback rides took days and the word of mouth hit fastest on Sundays. (Church) It was not very difficult for a Government to put a stop to things before they spread across a country. With the building of the Internet, information is around the globe in an instant.

We live in a country full of people looking for conspiracy. Kennedy, 9/11, Bin laden, area 51, even President Obama. We seek out shady people and shady deals because we are victims of them all the time.

American laws are written in a way, where its not illegal if its not mentioned. Grey area allows people to be creative. You know that area that is not spelled out in black or white. Enron capitalized on it. Mortgage lenders capitalized on it. Insurance companies are still capitalizing on it.

The people are pissed off and believe the powers to be are allowing it to happen. Its like letting your children fight until one of them has a bloody nose, then reprimanding the guy that threw the last punch. That is the US Government for ya. Lawyers make a living deciphering grey area all the time.

No grey area would have ever existed if openness were consistent. The US Government knows it. The British Government knows it. Even the third world nations know it. The people that stand to make the money off the system are the same people that require the secrets to be kept.

Some people believe that the leaked intelligence is driving us to a one world government. Only if we let it! The information is useful for us. We need to know who is on our side. Who looks out for our best interest and who looks out for their own. From there we need to seek the truth and act on it on our own behalf. Each country should interest themselves as a collective. I can not agree that list of our bridges and vaccination plants are good for anyone to know. I really do not know why that would be of any interest to anyone with good intentions.

Is Julian trying to make terrorist his main demographic? No doubt that might be bad for terrorist to have. We can not let the governments band together and use this as an excuse to make more laws. More Patriot Act laws that take individual rights away. What are we protecting once we do that? The whole idea of America is individual rights and freedoms. Take that away and we might as well start flying a Chinese flag.

We are headed to a one world government. It will come. I do not say this to invoke fear. I do not say this to ask people to "jump on the band wagon" either. I just hope that people are aware. Know that when we are all under one government, we will all be dependant on that government. People from around the globe will decide what we will want and need from one day to the next. We will be socialized. All of our needs will be met by our government. They already do that here. It is called prison. Three hots, a cot, and medical.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Julian Assange; Are you a criminal? We desire truth but can not handle the truth!

Julian Assange is in deep shit. If they can not put him behind bars for telling the deepest darkest secrets of the world; They will just find another reason. Interpol has issued an arrest warrant for the founder of WikiLeaks. Countries have tried to shut him up. Gag him, beg him and even reason with him. If all else fails, lets politically assasinate him. It is after all....The American way!

The global arrest warrant came after another release of government cables was dumped onto the Wikileaks Web site. Julian is 39 years old, and an international criminal, at this point.

The news of US cables spread quickly to governments and financial markets. Interpol said Assange was wanted in Sweden for questioning over the alleged rape and molestation of two women that worked within the Wikki leaks establishment.

Assange has denied the charges. Assange is known to move from country to country and was offered residency during the week, by the Ecuador government, which later retracted the offer.

Assange had boasted on Tuesday that he would release material that could take down a major US bank. So there is the news part of the whole ordeal. I just want you to take notice that, the US had no power over the leaks that were flying out of Julian's web site. The controversay floating around Wikki leaks only fueled the fire even hotter.

I did see a ruhmor posted on the web that Bank of America was going bankrupt. Just the mention of such has made Bank of America shares tumble. A very supporting detail of the trust the world holds in Wikkileaks accuracy. We need to remember that most of the world is not used to freedom of speach, and none of the world is used to the technology that has been introduced to the people of the world. Our entire representative democracy was designed; Because our founding fathers did not believe that the general population was educated enough to make wise decisions.

The people in power knew that the truth would cause a wrinkle. They tried legal intervention, personal reasoning, and now have tried again to find a reason to put to an end, Julian's desire to leak the facts. I am sure Julian will face many years of imprisonment, once being found guilty. With the simple fact that he has a history of traveling, he may not be allowed bail. Forced to surrender his passport, and a prisoner of Interpol they will apply pressure. They will want to know his sources, so they can try them for high treason, and then they will offer to make all of his legal problems dis-apear in exchange to the demise of Wikki leaks.

They even took his money. Yeah! That is right; Paypal has dis continued taking and paying funds to Wikkileaks. Why? They have done this in order to cut his mobility. They are trying to squeze as hard as they can, and they will win. Only Osama Bin Ladin can get away with killing people! This is a prime example why a cashless society is a threat to your freedoms. The electronic transfer of Julian's cash flow has been cut off. Paypal will no longer forward funds to Julian's bank acounts.

Do you think that will never happen to you? Please stop being gullable. You may not have a criminal record now. You may think that you never will. You may always feel like you will do the right thing, but if the right thing is honesty; Will the people in power turn you into a criminal?

I am gonna say "yes". At the point where you have angered the "RIGHT" people; You will be an alleged criminal. As an alleged criminal, you will have no rights, and no money. You will be on the run, and they will choke you out!

Really though; The world leaders are afraid! Very afraid. How can the governments of the world keep us under thumb, if and when we know the truth? Think about how China has banned Google from their country! They want their people to be obediant people. They want their people to know what they are told, and at the same time, be the ones telling the story!

With President Obama trying to reason with Julian about the sensitivity of the issues, Julian kept right on leaking the information. But damned if you do and damned if you don't; Julian is screwed now!

Sure, the laws governing Wikki leaks could not close down the site, shut its mouth, or destroy its validity; But they can however , take his freedom.

I do not doubt it at all. He is as good as dead. Let time show if he is brought in safely, or "drug down a dirt road behind a pickup truck". There are many people in world power embarrassed about the things they have said and done. It is almost too late to save the guy.

Are the atom bombs coming back? Will the cold war return?

Holy Crap! The Russians are moving around their missiles in response to the growing number of NATO missiles in Europe. Should we be poking the sleeping bear? What perspective are we looking at this from?

It was not too long ago, the United States Government lead the worlds attack on Iraq. It was the second time we pushed and shoved our way around the world. Hidden behind the NATO brand name. The actual support the US government had with their attack on IRAQ was much less than originally noted.

Are we headed for a one world government. You can bet your ass we are. Should we be afraid? Yes, very afraid.

Russia knows it. Europe knows it. North Korea knows it. Why do you suppose the world is seeking out weapons? Nuclear power is one thing, but the test of a nuclear bomb does not provide electricity. Russia is relocating large amounts of nuclear weapons closer to the west. They are not moving them closer to China, or North Korea. Those countries are not so much contenders in Russian eyes, are they?

The United States has honestly lost what has made it most powerful. We have slowly halted the production of tangible goods. Everyday, the products we ship out are less desired around the world. We do not sell anything that the rest of the world absolutely has to have. Russia controls the largest Titanium mines around the globe. That in itself could really effect the construction of Boeing's airplanes. China has the corner of the market on everything convenience oriented. Whats not made in China, is made in Japan. The rest of the world does not see a use for the United States. The last thing we have is a free market. A free market that is used by foreign investors to manipulate the American people.

Our own laws and cooperate guidelines allow other nations to buy our lands and raw materials as United States entities. Then we allow those same foreign investors to enhance their countries wealth while selling us our own property. Does this not confuse you? Why is it that BP is pumping our oil, from our ocean, and selling it to our refineries? Come on people; Why would we let ourselves do this. Now, with a new found moratorium halting drilling in the Mediterranean, BP will no longer be entering US waters drilling in our Ocean shorelines.

So then BP blows up a well and spills a mother load of our oil in the sea. Our native people loss billions in revenue and BP says " I am sorry."

Sure, they give a little surface cleaning. They send out a few checks here and there. They even hire some of our boats and captains to aid in the clean up efforts. I can not say that BP is at fault for abusing our own laws that allow these practices. I can not say that our president can fix the problem by talking to the CEO of BP either. Obama did exactly what he could in that situation. Nothing. Nothing could be done after the fact to make any of this better. All that can be done is; Not let this type of thing happen again.

So what exactly is " This type of thing" that has actually taken place? A big oil spill? A crime against nature? Not just that! This is a crime against America. Our own oil! Our own ability to care for ourselves and be a world power! Jobs across America. Self sufficiency? So Obama says there will be no more deep sea drilling within our waters! People seem to think that's a good idea.

So then Obama approves a 30 million dollar loan to Mexican people so they can drill in the same exact sea. WTF? How does this solve the problem? As unstable as the Mexican government really is, does that seam like a good idea. Now not only do we have to worry about mother nature and the greed of English businessmen; We will also have to deal with Mexico's Drug lords.

How much do you want to bet, that BP will be bidding with the Mexican government, for the drilling rights to the Mediterranean sea? Here we have an opportunity to handle our own raw materials and use them as our own, and we farm them out. Not only to the irresponsible British entrepreneurs, but the more ruthless, less compassionate Mexican organized crime ring.

I am so going to add to this. I barely touched the neuclear weapon thing. This is really just the tip of the iceberg; that os melting at the ice caps. There is a huge conglomeration of shit that is adding to our demise. The demise of life as we know it is among us. We will see a major change in our way of life. I gaurentee; In the next three years we will see a nation that does not know itself. We should be scared. We should be taking our ballots by the hand. We should be changing the opinions of our controllers, before we are forced to change their actions! Once we are forced to change actions, it will take force and force alone. In the event we can change opinions, we get to use our words! Please! For the sake of all of the people you love; Use your words!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Insurance companies win with health care reform!

We are now about to be forced into buying medical insurance. The premiums are high and in-effective as it stands. Recent blog about medical insurance cost

I did not start this blog to talk about the cost of health care; even though that is the real problem. I am writing this to inform the readers of what our congress is trying to do with our existing system.

We have heard all of the details about how the new plan is to be affordable; yet no discussion as to what their idea of affordable is. Lets face it. Our problem is not that we cant get health care, we can't afford the shitty coverage that is offered.

Our doctors are just as skilled as every other countries doctors are. We live, weather we are poor or not, the emergency room will keep you alive. So what is the real problem.

Money is the real problem. Insurance companies have priced themselves out of the game. Just like the banks that needed a bail out, GM, and Chrysler. The product they are selling is not worth the money. The people in the United States can not afford the rising prices of food, clothes, gas, and health care. So less people are buying insurance and the insurance companies are watching their payout column catch up to their collecting column. In order to prevent that, they in turn cut services, and screw the premium payers out of their product.

The people are pissed. They would have benefited better from G.W. Bush's savings plan alternative. If I did I would have 90K by now.
Notice that the insurance companies have stayed quiet during the congressional debate about health care . This is because, they stand best to profit from this SHAM we are being told is health care reform. This is so; because the plan forces ALLAmericans to buy their insurance. The truly poverty stricken will get government subsidies;(the government will make their payments)

So the insurance companies are not fighting this, because they will get more money than ever before. Our health care will be nearly the same as it was except we will not have a real choice. We will have the same doctors, equipment,and knowledge. Instead we are the middle class that will be paying near 10% of their income for their own insurance and additional taxes to cover those who can not cover themselves.

So essentially this bill is a hidden tax increase. This is made so by including fines and potential prison times for those who do not participate willingly.

Write your congressmen!

Tell them where to stick it.

I lost $90,000.00 betting legally in the United States

Our health care reform has been tied up in the house of representatives for some time now. They have us believing that the reform plan currently in the senate will solve our problems. The term health care reform is not to make our actual medical care better, but to mandate general coverage for all Americans. I have always looked at insurance as legalized gambling.

I paid years of premiums to my bookie, and never received anything back. I guess I was just loosing a lot. Not picking the right teams or pulling the right cards. The odds of having a catastrophic injury at my age was pretty slim. My children weren't likely to have that problem either, as I kept them safe from harm. Just in general, I did not let them do stupid shit. I had to pay $250.00 a month to keep myself covered. This totaled $3000 a year for myself. I paid an additional $3000.00 a year for my wife. I paid yet another additional $3000.00 a year for my children to be covered.

Now lets say I broke my leg and the bill was $7000.00. First I would have to pay my deductible of $250.00 ( Which later got bumped to $500.00). Then I would be responsible for another 20%($1400).

So lets look at this from the insured perspective. I had to pay $1400+$250(= $1650) because I broke my leg. I already payed $9000.00 out in premiums for a total of $10650.00. Thank you Premera blue cross.
Same broken leg scenario, but this time without the insurance coverage. I go to the hospital and it cost $8000.00

It cost more because they like to punish people that do not have insurance already. So okay, It cost $8000.00 and I have to pay the whole thing, but I subtract the $10650 from the $8000.00 and you get -$2650.00(profit the insurance company lost).

I went years putting my money on the pessimistic thought that I might break bones left and right, and the only winner turned out to be Premera blue cross. I never did break a bone. Never needed Iron lungs, cat scans, x-rays,or major surgery. I am over 30 years old now and If I had children at 20, then I have been paying 9K a year for over ten years.

I lost over $90,000.00 gambling against myself with my bookie (AKA Premera Blue Cross)

The message the congress is sending is faulty. They are scratching insurance companies backs by forcing all Americans making under $33,000.00 a year to buy medical insurance at full price! People making under that will get assistance on a sliding scale.( Essentially adding 10% to your taxes) + (actual tax rate increase to cover new reform bill)

All Americans not paying their premiums into the new Health care alliance will be fined up to $3800.00 per year and subject to imprisonment(NOT JAIL- PRISON)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

John Muhammed is to be put to death today! The State of Virginia to blame for illegal execution? I say kill him, but give him a fair trial first!

For three terrifying weeks America shuddered in fear while an unknown assailant made his way across the country with a .223 caliber sniper riffle. It took a long time for us all to figure out an under aged minion by the name of Lee Boyd Malvo , was doing the deeds of a cowardly , John Allen Muhammad, dubbed the D.C. Sniper.

John Muhammad trained Malvo to use the weapon with great accuracy. Then Muhammad sent Malvo to Isa Nichols house , to kill her. Malvo, not knowing Isa Nichols killed her 21 year old niece Keenya Cook, instead.

Originally a family friend, John Allen Muhammad was the mastermind behind the Feb. 16, 2002 killing, and John Lee Malvo was the gunman.

"John had sent him up to my door to shoot me but because he did not know me, he shot Keenya," Nichols said of the now infamous D.C. snipers.

This plot came because, Nichols had helped Muhammad's wife seek shelter and child custody when they were separating. This became the start of the entire ordeal.

Prior to being the infamous "D.C. Sniper" ,John Muhammed worked on county property as an independent contractor. He changed oil in Sheriff cars, in the Western Washington. He lived in Tacoma, Washington. The same area that brought you the green river killer, Gary Ridgeway.

Before John Allen Muhammad went to trial for orchestrating the deadly sniper rampage that terrorized the Washington, D.C., region, he claimed he was a prophet and that his teenage accomplice had concocted an herbal AIDS cure.

After shooting 13 people in 2002, Muhammad is facing death today (11/10/2009). While his counterpart , Lee Boyd Malvo, will spend the rest of his life in prison. Malvo traded testimony for immunity in the cases he spoke about.

Muhammad was using a beat up Chevrolet Caprice as a shelter while the entire nation looked for a white work van that was coincidentally seen on site of one of the early shootings. After shooting their first victim they headed across the country and started picking on the unsuspecting victims. After the first two shootings, the duo left a couple of days between shootings. Then a couple more days. Finally reaching five days between shootings. It seemed that every time we raised our heads believing we were secure, we would have another shooting.

People started training their children to duck for cover, in hopes to avoid injury. Finally, after being caught, a huge drama unfolded. A mere child was shooting other children. People pumping gas, sitting on benches, playing golf, and getting off buses. Nobody was safe.

In Muhammed's trial, he attempted to defend himself. He refused to be seen by a state psychologist although it was pertinent to his case. In order for him to use the testimony of his own defense psychologist, the state had to be able to counter the professional testimony.

Muhammed had family members willing to testify to his horrendous childhood beatings inflicted by his family. Muhammed's defense team attempted to appeal his case based on the childhood abuse testimony being left out, the Pro se defense that John had performed with no avail, and medical evidence proving his brain cat-scanned with the likeness of a schizophrenic individual.

I am with the rest of the world that this sick son of a bitch should die. I feel one hundred percent sure that he deserves what he has coming to him. What I really want to know , when my elected officials put him to death; is that he had a fair and competent trial.

Knowing that in just two days he was removed from his own defense team; forced to accept legal council, it is obvious to me that his original defense team was incompetent. On just that fact alone , the man deserves a new trial. This is without mentioning his belief that he was a prophet.

How the hell was he allowed to represent himself with that statement alone?

How did the courts allow Muhammed not to enter his childhood abuse or his current mental state into the record? ( Even if it is the law that they must be able to argue the evidence)

Or how about the actual medical evidence that claims his actual brain is defective?

Could the state not just observe Muhammed's actions over the years, bith in jail and in court, to make a judgement call?

Could they not take the testimony of the family members, or other co-workers and such?

I am glad I am not a part of the court system that did this job. The quality of this case is the equivalent of Catching a drunk driver, with a BAC of 1.6, only to find out the cop pulled him over for a seat belt. Then you find out that the week this happened was a day before it was legal to make a traffic stop based on a seat belt. Back when it was a secondary offense; If the officer admitted to stopping a car for the seat belt, any evidence gathered after that point was part of an illegal search and seizure.

So here we sit with an eye witness, a smoking gun, and soon to be a rotting corpse. All of which should be useless because he had not a full, fair trial. I do not think life should be taken that easily. Not by the crooks, and sure as hell, not by the cops.

By shear definition,Capital punishment by itself is still pre-meditated murder. It is simple justified murder. My only argument is that in the event "We the people" kill someone, we need to know for sure that someone had every equal right and opportunity to prevent their death. Right down to the second they take their last breath,"WE THE PEOPLE" need to be absolutely perfect in our actions.

So when you sit around, after the death of this pig; Make sure when you say "WE", that you have a mouse in your pocket; Because right here , right now,I am stepping away from killing this retard.

I may want him dead just as much as the next guy. I really just don't want to feel like I get relief in knowing the state did it instead of me. I would rather feel completely justified, so I do not feel the need in "Relief of my conscience"

My opinion on deadly force and police chases

Suspected CopKiller, Christopher
Monfort, Shot Almost dead

The cops in Washington obviously kill more people than the gangs in the area. That in itself is using the weapons too often.

The information that I provide is all that is fed to the public. Very spotty, and left with HUGE holes in every story.

In many of the instances the murdered were armed, yet never fired a round.

These victims are not drama, but dead.

I am not using a Rodney King defense. I am simply stating that the people that are expected to uphold the law, are doing so in a viscous manor. At this point, we can not say the two Seattle cops were shot for that reason. I can however say " I am surprised this is the first time anyone has taken the law into their own hands"

Death is forever, and to protect life and property is the duty of a sworn officer. Somehow we are still living in a land where property is worth more than life.

I believe that a everyone, short of an actual "random" murderer,is safer when a pursuit is done wisely, not aggressively. With a good Identification, everyone will get caught eventually. With good surveillance all captures can be safer.

a high adrenaline gun wielding, high speed chase forcing, police force is ten times more likely to end in property damage, personal injury, and or death. Where passive measures will prevail 9 times out of ten.

Technology has advanced to the point where tracking and finding and individual can be done evasively and safely. Shooting a GPS sensor on a trunk of a car would be much safer and more effective than a pit maneuver (even though they do look like fun to perform ).

Especially when you see a pit maneuver pulled on a motorcyclist. When you know the action you chose is likely to result in SERIOUS injury or DEATH, Then you are making a conscious effort to maul or KILL.

That is all I would like to change... The mindset that KILLING is just part of the job.

Current Events Vent: Seattle Police Officer Assassinated, October 31st 2009

CLICK ON THE TITLE TO READ BLOG ARTICLE!!!!!!Current Events Vent: Seattle Police Officer Assassinated, October 31st 2009

Officer Brenton's Suspected assassin Identified, shot, and in critical condition!

One of my regular readers, and commenter recently left a comment from a future police officer's perspective. I do very much appreciate her honesty and openness with her opinion. I can tell she had a very strong opinion on this guy, and understandably so. In no way am I trying to make this out to be any less tragic than it sounds. I only push hard, because I believe any death or injury in the legal system is a tragedy!

The newest revelations show many points that contradict your statements. Before I go any further with my opinionated reply to your statement; I want to commend you for being willing to "change" American law enforcement. By enrolling yourself as a law enforcement officer, you will be in a position to be the officer, that is both moral, and still able to do their job. I personally think it is a hard thing to do, for even the most seasoned officer.

I really hope you can accomplish this. I think you will have to dig deep in your soul to accomplish this. I know that in my soul, it would be a constant contradiction between job performance and equal rights to all citizens.

So on the same note; I have to take a moment to commend all of the men and women of law enforcement, that take individual rights to the same level as cleaning up the streets.

So I start my response in the following paragraphs.

At no point has "crack" or "meth" came into play,at this time. I do believe my thoughts were the same at first. The recent memorial service and parade in the honor of our fallen officer, along with the $105,000 reward gathered to help find the killer.

1.)The killer may have had a passenger, but at this point, I do not want to get into that yet.

2.)The killer is just a suspect with a bullet in his head right now.(1 of 3 )

3.)The suspect is a 41-year-old man named, Christopher J. Monfort.

4.)The suspect is educated as a former student at Highline Community College and the University of Washington.

5.)Christopher J. Monfort was described by former teachers and friends as "mature" and "smart."

6.)Mr. Monfort was employed as a security guard or private investigator(One of the two)

7.)All Seattle Detective officers knew at the time was; They were trying to talk to him, he fled, they tried to catch him. And when he produced a weapon, that's when it became a whole different situation. They had to fire to protect themselves, ( This is as I understand from reading quotes of Tukwila Officer Mike Murphy)

8.)In November 2003 Monfort ran for student government at Highline Community College, according to the student paper, The Thunderword.

Monfort was running to "make the student body more aware of the civil liberties lost under the Patriot Act," the article said. "If elected, his first priority is to help people become active citizens instead of just bystanders."

***This is an Article I would love to read.**

In 2007, he attended the University of Washington and studied law enforcement. While there he wrote a paper about how to "change the inequity of the criminal justice system."

****This is one paper I would love to read**

Monfort is also suspected for involvement in the Oct. 22 arson of four police vehicles, three police cruisers and one mobile command vehicle, Pugel said.

Monfort's personality was described , by others, as smart, fun, mature and even stable.

Monfort was running to "make the student body more aware of the civil liberties lost under the Patriot Act," the article said. "If elected, his first priority is to help people become active citizens instead of just bystanders."

Garry Wegner, Monfort's student adviser during his time at Highline, described him as "a mature, stable, fun guy to be around. ... He was very smart," Wegner said.

Rosemary Stevens, Monfort's former landlady when he lived in Southern California 18 years ago, said she believed he applied for a job with the Los Angeles Police Department at the time, but he was never hired. This means he was 23 years old. ( The same age as the Lake Stevens officer that shot , and killed, the home intruder last month.

The Seattle police have declared a desire to keep their debriefing private and out of the media, for reasons unknown at this time.

In conclusion; The person believed to be a Black, stupid, drug addict, with an animal like moral fiber, has turned out to be an educated, civil rights minded vigilante.

Weather Christopher's intentions were, Law Enforcement reform oriented, civil rights minded, or equality in the eyes of enforcement; I think we can all agree that his actions actually cause a less free state in Seattle.

For the few days following the shooting, and prior to the arrest of Mr Monfort; All of the police agencies were fishing for Identification from as many walkers, runners, sitters and drivers on the streets and sidewalks. Leaving no stone unturned involved checking as many citizens as possible for Identification, cash, criminal possession and actions. (provoked or not)

This man acted a fool. To believe that his Killing of ( his intended) two officers, would have accomplished anything for his cause, was out right absurd, to say the least. He has accomplished nothing more than making the entire city potential suspects, and nearly enacting martial law!

What a dumb ass!(Monfort= dumbass, not U my friend)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Lake Stevens Police Officer shoots and kills another civilian! November 1st, 2009

Now we have reached seven police related shootings in Snohomish County. Most of which were really questionable, to begin with. Now they have an instance where the officer is most likely warranted in shooting the person, but we have seen so many die to the badge, we are kind of leery to believe.

The 23 year old officer responded to a DV(domestic violence) call with warning the assailant may be armed with two guns. When the civilian was shot , there was one gun on his person, and another near by. The front door shows evidence of being kicked in.

This person could have been out to kill somebody, I guess. I still feel a non-lethal choice is available. Later reports came back with different results.

The officer responded to a break in Burglary. I guess the Burglary suspect knew the residents of the home, and came into the house armed with two guns. I must say; I bet somebody in this triangle is involved in drug use. Snohomish county is a cesspool of opiate users. It really is the only explanation I can offer for somebody breaking into a friends home. DOPE! The case is being reviewed by SMART, and the officer is on paid leave.

This time the officer stopped a robbery in progress. This news came just one day after a Seattle Officer was shot on Saturday

Killed in the Saturday night shooting was field training officer Timothy Brenton, 39. Rookie officer Britt Sweeney, 33, suffered a minor injury.

Seattle Police Officer Assassinated, October 31st 2009

Here I sit repeatedly bitching about Cops killing people, and then they go and do something like this. The City of Seattle was recently voted the 4th safest, large city ,to live in. On Halloween night a small compact car drove up to two officers in a parked patrol car and unloaded into the parked car. One veteran officer of ten years was killed and the trainee suffered injury.

Crime stoppers is offering a $40,000.00 reward for the information leading to arrest and conviction of the murderer. There is always some idiot that makes people anti gun, and pro police presence. Here they are again.

The sad thing is, that this time the officers were not even engaged in any activity. The trainee and trainer were going over their last traffic stop, for quality control purposes.

Bank of America has opened the Brenton family fund, to accept donations on the families behalf. I have to stand behind this motion, because I stand behind life in general. Just as I do not believe that the Cops should shoot people, neither should the people single out Cops and shoot them either.

Just a couple of weeks ago, also in Seattle, an arson seemed to be aimed at the Seattle police. In the wake of the arson, several police and city cars were damaged. Is this some kind of retaliation against the Seattle police agency. I would think; If it were, it would be on a much larger scale.

One officer and 6 cars hardly constitutes a revolution.

Assistant Police Chief Jim Pugel said Brenton died instantly. Sweeney ducked, and a bullet grazed her back. She then called for help and returned fire, Pugel said.
"This is an assassination, and every resource is being used to bring it to a conclusion," Pugel said.

Brenton became the city's first officer killed in the line of duty since 2006, and Saturday's shooting was the first intentional homicide of an officer since 1994, police officials said.

Pugel said there had been no threats against Brenton and no indication the assailants were looking for him.

Mayor Greg Nickels described the shooting as "cold-blooded."

"Our community is in shock at this brutal and senseless crime," Nickels said. "The killing of someone who protects our public safety is universally condemned, and our city is united in rejecting this violence and supporting the men and women in uniform. "
Somewhere , somebody has a beef with law enforcement. The anger too hard to hold back. Obviously it never dawned on the shooters, that to kill an officer does not kill the office.

Killed in the Saturday night shooting was field training officer Timothy Brenton, 39. Rookie officer Britt Sweeney, 33, suffered a minor injury.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

A sexual Columbine in California--One 15 yr old sophmore girl, gang raped by 10 physically and 10 visually, while leaving her homecoming dance!

Richmond, California- Not one or two sick son of a bitches are suspected of assaulting, Raping, penetrating, as well as statutorily Raping a 15 year old sophomore on her way home from the homecoming dance. Six people have been arrested, but not all of them have plead, yet at this time. We want to blame somebody for this. The blame will not go to the right place. We will not allow ourselves to blame everyone the way they should be. It is too taboo. To put the blame in all of the places that it belongs would be a slap in the face to a lot of organizations, groups, communities, and individuals.

The entire United States of America is to blame for this Bull Shit. Oh Sure, we did not put guns to the heads of these young men, but for some reason they thought they could get away with this.That is the fault of the American people, or the American government, which is appointed by the American people.

How did these twenty year old children get the idea in their heads, that they would be able to pull this off? Why was there only one 911 call with up to 24 actual witnesses. Why were so many 18, 19, 21, and 24 year old men drinking on school property? How did they end up in the same circle of friends as the underage children that attend the High school dance to begin with? Was it MySpace, or Face book?

I bet this poor young woman had a myspace , a facebook or a my yearbook page. My children do, and they all have false ages on them. Maybe she did too. Maybe people looked the other way when the friends and acquaintances were under achievers. Or maybe trying to keep them separate is what drew them together to begin with.

Why is it socially un-acceptable for a parent to have GPS tracking on their teenagers cell phone. Two years ago I wanted to use the GPS on my Verizon cell phones to tally my children and Verizon had no option to do so. The cell phones were capable, but Verizon had no available option at the time.

If I was the father of this child, I would have went "in for her" when she was twenty minutes late. Only way to make sure you did not walk right passed the poor girl , is to have her location pin pointed. I certainly do not support a chip implant, but a tracked cell phone, or a avalanche tracking device planted in her clothing I can support.

I spent the last Thirteen years training my oldest son to do as he is told, when he is told. That not doing so is not an option. He always has the right to argue the fact after it is done. We can use this argument to change the outcome of the next encounter, but in the heat of the moment there will be no discussion.

My step daughter on the other hand has had a different set of rules her entire life. She is treated with "Kid Gloves" and allowed to argue everything from doing the dishes to leaving the beach or the movie theater without asking. I fear that my oldest step daughter will make a fatal mistake one day. I think this because of her defiant nature. I truthfully believe that we will tell her to be somewhere at a certain time, and we will be so used to her not being there, we may never know if the fear in our hearts is warranted, or exaggerated.

What is it about the gangster lifestyle that appeals to a 15 year old girl with a cell phone and a DADDY that loves her enough not to embarrass her by showing up at the front door to pick her up? How did this young girl go from heading home, to going to get drunk with friends? She was off to meet her Dad and got side tracked. I honestly fear that to be the case with my oldest daughter. Just for that reason, my poor son will have to go everywhere with her. Watch her experiment with boys, without completely blowing her cover. Even be her conscience when she chooses not to do what she was told to do. For that matter, we do not even tell her what she must do most of the time, we ask her what she wants to do , then make sure she does what she said she would.

Enough about my poor children though. What about the Richmond community? Is the entire community faulty? If the community is a conglomeration of the people that are within it; then it must be so. How can 24 witnesses and ten participants feel good about attacking one person. With 34 to one odds! I am sorry, but every Man woman and child in that vicinity should be charged with failure to render aid. Or aiding and abetting a felony crime. Even if they could not directly intervene, walking away at some point during the One Hundred and fifty minute or NINE THOUSAND seconds that had elapsed, could have put an end to this.

The biggest injustice that has already occurred is common place here in America. It is a struggle to say this, because all people should have a right to a fair trial. How many beat cops were on patrol in the city of Richmond that night? How many speeding tickets were written? How many people were arrested for driving on a suspended license or shoplifting? How many officers could have been directed towards stopping a felony crime? How many misdemeanors are written up every day while felonies go unsolved in that county? Or your county?

Teenagers are becoming alcoholics, addict, prostitutes,and gang members. We need task forces designed and aimed to stop that. To save our children while we are forced to work two low paying jobs, pay day care, and ultimately trust the government to raise our children,, in schools that are cesspools of crime and scum. Beat cops keep honest people honest, where the gang violence, drug trafficking, sex trades, child pornography are running rampant. Victims are being created. Entire lives are being changed. Detrimental to the future of our community we are putting police presence on the streets to prevent misdemeanors, whereas those same officers could be intercepting, preventing, and interrupting major felonies. Stop harassing the working man, and start chasing the criminal mind.

This entire event should be embarrassing for the entire Redmond community. The police force, local court systems, city government, and the local taxpayers for letting the government convince you that real crime hurts insurance companies instead of your children.

My heart goes out to you, my dear. Where ever and who ever you may be. Your father, your mother, and your family. I wish you all the least of pain. I wish for you to get justice, even though we know the criminals are wearing the bullet proof vest, while the police were nowhere to be found while you were being victimized. I hope that all 24- 34 of the people get the punishment fitting the crime.

Please, from this event, push for more felony patrols. Get the cops of the working mans back, and push them against the criminal minds. Never should they be worried about a traffic ticket, a uniform, a speed trap, or a guy just walking down the street. They should be gathering intelligence. Using computers, and saving victims.

Friday, October 30, 2009

10 Basic Firearm Safety Rules

1. Treat every firearm as if it were loaded

2. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to fire. Use safety, but remember that safeties sometimes fail.

3. Be sure of your target and what lies beyond before firing.

4. Never place or carry a loaded firearm in a motor vehicle.

5. Never use a firearm unless you are familiar with how it works. If you need an owner's manual, write the manufacturer.

6. Be sure the barrel and action are clear of obstructions.

7. Never cross a fence, climb a tree, cross a stream or jump a ditch with a loaded firearm.

8. Never point at anything you do not want to shoot.

9. Unload firearms when not in use. Store firearms and ammunition separately.

10. Never use alcohol (or drugs) before or during shooting.

You can obtain further firearm safety class information by contacting your local gun dealers and or shooting ranges. If you need further assistance obtaining class locations, times, cost; You may also log on to the NRA website by

Click here to open NRA website in a new tab or window

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Are you scared enough to be happy about a tunnel?

The Alaskan Way Viaduct has always been a concern for those who commute through Seattle. With recent collapses across the country, more and more attention came towards the local Viaduct.

People walking under the bridge have seen chunks fall off, and places where large chunks have fell off. There are annual safety inspections, meant to keep us feeling safe on the bridge. During the most recent earthquake, buildings near the viaduct lost piles and piles of bricks. Most of the bricks landing on parked cars below.

The Department of Transportation was pressured to do a study on the effects of a larger, more local earthquake. The results were this un-released video. I believe the study cost 80 million dollars, and it kinda got the locals interested in the results of the study.

Before we get into the results of the study, and the controversy around the video; Lets look at where Seattle has chosen to go by way of the viaduct. The viaduct is being replaced with a tunnel. Then lets look at Seattle by itself. I moved to Seattle from New York over 14 years ago, and even in New York schools they taught us of the "Ring of Fire". They also taught us of the San Andreas Fault( 800 miles of California, slowly driving the state into the ocean.). Now knowing there are fault lines right under the city of Seattle,(from Sammamish to Bremerton) and the size of said lines being larger then first suspected. These fault lines are extending all the way through Washington, as well as above and below Washington. Lets face it; We are in a hot bed of geological activity, and we all know it; Especially the people that went to school here and learned local geography.

For anyone to say that this video had any intent to scare the citizens of the are is absurd for at least two reasons. One of which being; It was never intended to be seen by the populous to begin with. ( The freedom of information act, and the Seattle-ites need to know brought the fear to the table) Secondly, already knowing where we live, we should already have this common sense in our heads to begin with. You just can not live on the West Coast, and not know the chances are there.

The viaduct is no longer a real concern for Seattle residents. It is coming down one way or another. The mayor and the State worked together to approve a tunnel costing billions. They did this , in part because, they knew it had to be done. They also did this because, it was evident , the people were going to him and haw over the ordeal until it was too late.

I would say, in this case, the appointed representative system worked. The people by themselves were not going to make the hard decision. What really sucks about that is it ruins my belief that the people should have the vote. This is an instance where I was proven wrong.

Snohomish County Police officer involved shootings, often yeild no charges. 5/6 this year alone.

In the last year, there have been six, officer involved shootings. In an ever changing society, armed officers are more and more necessary. The real question is; When has the shoot first mentality gone too far?

In the Everett, Herald they listed four other shootings other than this one.

Other recent officer-involved shootings
Since November, Snohomish County law officers have been involved in four other shootings, each ending in death. The cases remain under investigation by a special team of detectives pulled from police departments around the county.

Nov. 8 08
Everett police fatally shoot Dustin Willard at his Everett home. Police were responding to a reported burglary in process.
Status: The investigation continues. The officers involved have returned to duty.

January 25 09
A Mill Creek police officer shot and killed a man while investigating a report of a car prowler, the Snohomish County Sheriff's Office reported.

May 29 09
A Verlot man, Daniel Wasilchen, is fatally shot in front of his home by a Snohomish County deputy and a reserve deputy. Police are called after a reported dispute with a weed-abatement official.
Status: Detectives continue to investigate. The two deputies have been cleared to return to patrol.

June 10 09
Everett police fatally shoot Niles Meservey behind the Chuckwagon Inn. The Stanwood man reportedly was intoxicated and trying to drive away. Officers reportedly tried to subdue the man with a stun gun as he sat at the wheel of his car.
Status: Detectives continue to investigate. The officer involved remains on paid leave.

July 2 09
Snohomish County deputies shoot an Arlington man after 911 was called about a domestic violence case.
Dwight Monnie, 64, died later at a Seattle hospital as a result of gunshot wounds.
Status: Detectives continue to investigate. The two deputies were placed on paid leave.

Aug 7 09
Lake Stevens at Highway 9 and Soper hill road a driver of a white pickup was shot by an officer, and pronounced dead on the scene. There was a gun found at the scene, but with no details as to where it was at the time of the shooting.

It has gotten to the point where citizens might rather be car jacked, instead of pulled over by law enforcement.

The county has organized a group of internal investigators under the acronym SMART. In five of the six cases all of the officers were released back to patrol. The SMART group has been under a lot of pressure to hand the people a case. I believe this is rightfully so. In the other cases there have been no mention of discharged weapons, except from the police. We spend millions looking for non-lethal weapons, but still resort to killing people. There needs to be a change in procedure. With police acting as Judge, Jury, and Prosecution-er; There is no correction of behavior.

So what defense do the people, of America, have against the people we hire, to keep us safe. Legislature has a system of checks and balances. Neither system works. Every day, in the United States, another law is passed, taking the rights away ,from the people. I believe the power should be with the people, but seldom do the people stand up to take it.

The people were turning their heads through all, of the police killings. Very little revolt has taken place. Now, the owner of a Corvette has gained enough attention to gain respect. The SMART, investigators have found themselves in a position where they had to hand a head, on a silver platter. Is it that the financial standings of this man has made the populous believe it could happen to any of us. It is about time.

We need to change the shoot first policy. Charging this officer with first degree manslaughter is the first step, in the right direction. I am sadly disappointed that the maximum penalty is five years. I think it is hardly a deterrent to firing a weapon at the citizens. I feel like law enforcement has forgotten who they are to protect and serve.

I understand that the police are faced with different scenarios daily. It is hard for them to decide what is considered a threat to their safety, and what is not. A high centered Corvette is not a threat to any one.

In addition to the eight rounds fired into the drivers compartment (seven on target); The words muttered just before the discharging of the weapon was said to be. "Let's finish this right here." Almost makes this premeditated. I do not believe the officer intended to kill the citizen when he arrived for work; but I also do not believe the officer has a conscious desire not to kill people either.

We are at the mercy of each officers individual morals every day; and although we know there are crooked cops, we keep telling ourselves, they are upholding the law.

Does the law say we should die, before we kill? We all have the potential to kill; so are we all to be shot before we get out of hand? The TV show COPS shows what the police want us to see, and even that seems out of control. Often they show four cops on the back of one guy, yelling "Stop Resisting", while they club, tazer, and compress the subject into the ground. The subjects arm pinned beneath four guys as they continue to yell " PUT YOUR ARM BEHIND YOUR BACK! STOP RESISTING!"

As clients of the corporation called "Law Enforcement" should we not be treated as people, in the very least. I understand the need for people to be subdued; so I stop short of calling that abuse. Murder on the other hand is unacceptable. Maybe we have to take the guns away from the cops, and give them batons only. It works in England.

It is time to take a stand. Work together to stop this " License to kill belief" and retrain our policemen and women. We can no longer believe that they have the morals that prevent death, but we must insist those morals are instilled.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Health Care reform is the topic on the floor; Used to hide the really needed reform.

Only in America, can a group of people get away with actions like this. The companies around the globe are benefiting from our illnesses. Swine flu has been declared a national emergency in the United States. This allows for both experimental drugs, and other companies to mass produce the swine flu vaccine. Hospitals to set up temporary overflow systems, and clinics to expand. Look at all of the beds they will be able to fill at $500.00 a night. If vaccines start spoiling in bad refrigerators, or being poorly manufactured; We may need to make sure health care officials aren't trying to get us sick, to fill those beds. (vaccinations have already found to spoil in a bad cooler, $10k worth, and some manufacturer did make a bad batch)

Americans pay for their health care. That is right. There are so many countries that cover their citizens well being from birth to death. America is not one of them. I have a real problem with the way capitalism is working out for Americans. It is going the way of communism, all because of greed. In the wake of opportunity, many will die. Not because we do not have the ability to cure, but because we lack the humanity to cure.

Martha Stuart was imprisoned for dumping shares of stock, after being informed with insider information. George Bush, and Dick Cheney hold an absurd amount of stock in companies that benefit from war. George Bush pressed hard to get us to go to war in Iraq, and helped keep us active in Afghanistan. With contracts to both fight the Iraqi opposition, and to rebuild the nation, Halliburton is raking in the dough.

Now we have a swine flu sweeping the nation. Vaccinations have been made in the nick of time. There just does not seem to be enough to go around. The demand is high and we are in short supply. The company that first patented the swine flu vaccination is in a situation to make a baby fortune. There is motive. There are means. There are victims. There may even be a crime.

The American system gives too much reason for deadly actions to take place. The greed in the hearts of men allows for corruption across the board. People though maybe AIDS was a man made disease, and there is a ton of money being spent trying to prolong the lives of AIDS patients. There is a certain success rate of Chemotherapy in cancer patients. There are tell tale signs of when you may be getting cancer. There have been leaps and bounds in saving the cancer patients life. So much more needs to be done. Then there is SARS, and that bird flu, I cant remember. All of these things took years to figure out what was going to work with them. The swine flu has been working itself around our country for two short years. Already the powers to be have come up with a safe and effective vaccine for it. Did these capitalist swine have the cure before they released the virus?

I am so sorry to say such a horrible thing. Honestly, there would be no motive if the extensive profits were not there. Unfortunately, Here in America, somebody is making a shit ton of money off the illnesses, and deaths being brought down upon us by a freaking flu!

There will be a lot more to come on the health care topic. The swine flu is very fresh in my mind right now. I got off on a tangent. I'm sorry about that.


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